Guilde house «Zur Meisen» Zurich

Exterior view of the Guilde house «Zur Meisen» Zurich
The Guilde house «Zur Meisen» Zurich houses the Swiss National Museum’s collection of porcelain and faience. Built 250 years ago in the heart of the city, the Guild house features Baroque interiors that are among the most beautiful creations of the period still extant in Zurich, and thus offers the appropriate setting for the display of an artistic genre uniquely representative of the 18th century.

Swiss National Museum
Zunfthaus zur Meisen Zürich
Porcelain and Faience Exhibition
Münsterhof 20
8001 Zurich

Tel. +41 (0)44 221 28 07
Fax +41 (0)44 211 29 49
Opening hours
Thursday to Sunday
from 11 am to 4 pm
Closed Monday to Wednesday
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